2018: 4 Art books by Chloe Fremantle are now available on this site.
All contain her spring board photos on one page and one of the paintings resulting from the series on the opposite page:
1. Plant & Paintings 2012 (relating to her year long commission from the Oxford Botanic Garden
2. Spring & Summer: London and France 2014
3. Highgreen, Northumberland 2016 ( relating to her year long commission from Highgreen Manor)
4. Memento Mori 2018 ( Relating to her ongoing series relating to Cemeteries in the South of France, and celebrating the Transience of Life)

YOGA PRACTICE HANDBOOK 2012:  by Chloe Fremantle  is also available here. This ever popular revised edition of this spiral bound book (first edition 2002), continues to be a key reference for Yoga Student, Yoga Teachers, as well as for several Yoga Courses in the UK.